Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Blog Post Part 2.

Twain did not simply just only expressed the enjoyable adventures of children and sympathy to one another as a best friend, by “do everything he could think of,”(262 OLD) but also criticized the nature of human’s cruelty of the racism.

While having an adventure with Jim, Huck Finn, other than what people thought at that time, he realizes that all people is equal and should be treated equally. Being so, even though getting “betwixt two things,”(262 OLD) he “got to decide” (262 OLD) that he has to help Jim, who “do everything he could think of for me” (262 OLD) and was “good always he was,” (262 OLD) thinking he “was the best friend old Jim ever had in the world.” (262 OLD)

At that time, American society was confronting sharply between the people who support slavery and people who does not. African-American, who were the unfortunate lowest class of the American society was not a human but a beast or a object.


Young slaves were supposed to suffer by harsh labor and cruel whipping, and sold to other place and underwent tearing apart with their family. As so, like Jim, there were many young slaves attempting to escape. However, it was not easy.  When they failed to escape and caught they got whipped harshly and even got killed. Even though they succeed for escape, because they were not educated, they became a loafer in the city.

20151217_175348 Adults also taught that if we help slaves to escape, “I come to being lost and going to hell.” (261 OLD). However, Huck decides. “I’ll go to hell-and tore it up.” (262 OLD). He decided to follow conscience by feeling “good and all washed clean of sin.” (261 OLD). And finally makes Jim to escape.

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