Evaluation of A Report to the National Security Council by the Executive Secretary on United States Objectives and Programs for National Security

         Original copy of NSC 68


This20160126_130623 is original copy of NSC-68, the topic I am doing for my research paper, which isa “primary source.” (I used that as a main source for this evaluation afterapproval from teacher.) This 58-page policy plan document reveals current situations of United States, purpose, it’s possible actions, and recommendations, presenting a comprehensive strategy for confronting Soviet Union and winning the cold war. However, although all part of this government released document was the most useful and important source for this research paper, I would like to focus on the part where Nitze wrote about US situation and conclusion.

This document begins with the origins of Cold War and describes clear but forceful actions of spreading and rationalizing anticommunist idea globally. As response t20160126_130351o this, NSC-68 describes (or assumes) United States as a protector and savior of free world, but sets Soviet Union as a country that is attempting to dominate the world with a dirty greed and ambition. Based on this logic, United States conclude that the Soviet Union, in fact, is the most significant threat on United States history and emphasizes that “the cold war is in fact a real war in which the survival of the free world is at stake.” After concluding this perspective of Cold War and Soviet Union, as a resolution, NSC 68 urges massive increase of U.S. military strength and more spending on economic aid to the nations with a danger of communization.


NSC 68, as a original and primary source of my research paper, it gave me a tons of resources and information than reading a book or magazine about review of this. Although this was written in the perspective ‘at that time,’ which was totally different than modern world where we are living right now, it was somewhat hard to understand, but overall, by providing the detailed explanation, I was able to reach few level higher about the knowledge and analysis about NSC-68 and the age of Cold War. However, though I define this source as the best, it had a limitation of being written in ‘United States Perspective,’ which has many non-sense justifications, and so on. However, with many reviews, such as print book and journals, this empty spaces and weaknesses of NSC 68 were filled in by those, and created a perfect harmony: Primary source and review journals & print books.

Executive Secretary. A Report to the National Security Council – NSC 68. Washington D.C. Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum. 14 Apr. 1950. Web. 20 Jan. 2016.

Reference: e-note before and after reading

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