Artifact Project: Abraham Lincoln’s Top Hat

20150911_03263620150911_032731Abraham Lincoln, who was 16th President in United States, is famous for many things, such as ideal of freedom, abolishing slavery, unifying divided nations, and so on but also famous for wearing this tall hat every time, even carrying notes,  letters, and bills in this hat. He was also wearing this hat when he was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth, who was a strong confederate sympathizer  during the play ‘Our American Cousin’ in Ford Theater, on April 14, 1865. Although he was the tallest president, which height was 6-foot-4, he wore this hat in public in order to make him taller, that could not be missed in a crowd. The Battle of Fort Stevens in July, 1864 is a good example of  wearing this Top Hat made him to become a spot in a crowd easily, that Carl Sandburg quoted “too tall a target.”

This hat is also the one that helped preventing Abraham Lincoln from assassination and save his life for one time. When he was on the horseback and on his way to the Soldiers’ Home, with his Top Hat on, in August, 1864, he was shot by assassin, near the road. Luckily, the bullet went through the hat by making a bullet hole, and saved his life.  However, unfortunately, in the next attempt for his assassination, as it was mentioned above, it did not helped saving his life. And when he was shot and died, his hat was on the floor beside the chair he was sitting on.

Why this Abraham Lincoln’s Top Hat represents prolegomenon is that this symbolizes Abraham Lincoln, which he wore this hat in everywhere he have been, and became a big part of Lincoln’s life. He wore it “in war and peace, on the stump and in Washington DC, on occasions formal and informal, and during the night he was assassinated.” According to the book by Debbie Henderson named ‘The Top Hat: An Illustrated History of It`s Styling and Manufacture,’ she stated as “it had become the irrepressible symbol of prestige and authority.” He did not used this prestige and authority for him, but he used for America and civil rights. He declared to abolish the slavery, and made America as country that has equality and freedom to all, which confirmed and put American dreams that was corrupted and lost it’s true meaning for a while, right and properly.

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Interview Project – Recall of September 11 Attacks and how to become TRUE greatest country in the world


I interviewed my mom about the September 11 Attacks, which was held on 2001, and took place in World Trade Center (WTC), New York, NY, and while the interview, we had a chance to talk about what America should do, in order to become a greatest country in the world. At that time, I was 3 years old and we were living in College Station, Texas. This event that thousands of people lose their life showed and forewarned how many enemy do United States have and the war of United States is changing to the war with terror and invisible enemies. George Bush, who was the president of United States at that time, declared the War on Terrorism, and started the war with Afganistan, with a justification that they are hiding him. The country, whose the richest and has the strongest military power in the world had waged the war with the poorest country in the world. By this war it was able to kick out the anti-American power in Afganistan, but they did not caught Osama Bin Laden and turned the muzzle to Iraq, which was pointed out to a terrorism-sponsoring country, and the leader of Iraq, Saddam Hussein.

As they started the Iraq war, in order to eliminate Hussein, Iraq finally surrendered to overly powerful American military power, and Saddam Hussein was also arrested, leading to Iraq being independent from dictatorial government. However, the weapons of mass destruction, which was the reason why United States declared the war, were not discovered and requested many other countries to send troops, but Bush Government gets into a difficult situation, due to the critical public opinion inside the United States, such as ‘It made many great American soldier had died,’ and so on. “Even on the worse, there are constant incident of suicide bomb terrorism, and attack toward Americans,.. Iraq war is not end yet. No, maybe the real war would be from right now.”

Along this, she also mentioned that “United States does not understand the concept of ‘Coexistence’ fully and also familiar with the dominating.” She also metaphor as “The rice bows as they grow ripe, whereas the Corn stands straight although they grow,” where rice representing Asia and the corn representing America.

Our ancestors left our hometown and moved to the unknown land only by the Pioneer spirit, and made a new country and fought with numerous hardships. Finally we won over the Soviet Union and became only one superpower country, However, in the example of Roman Empire, if there is no enough competitor, it starts to decline. As former president John F. Kennedy said, ‘The United States has to move very fast to even stand still.” We are pointing out China, which would become a main ‘enemy’ in the future and start preparing for that. China, which has strong cultural and population power, they could definitely become a fearful enemy to us. But, we have many problems to fight before fighting over China. Most of all, we have to reduce the gap between rich and poor, racial conflicts in America, and have to solve the conflict with the world seriously. As one of the American living in the United States with one of a minority race in America, we can not become a greatest country in the world, if we don`t learn cultural humility. However, although we are one of the cultural pluralist country in the world, we have a problem that we do not understand the culture that is out of ‘American,’ and not trying to understand. America is also the origin of globalization, but also the country that is not most globalized in the world.

By understanding various culture in the world, and learning cultural humility by acknowledging and respecting those, our country could at last become the world leader. Coexistence is not just possible with living together, but it is possible when we start respecting our neighbors , acknowledging, and not discriminating.


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 What do you do during your free time in weekend when you are boring and you have some works to do and your room`s air is so hot that you can`t do anything? Yes, you go find the place that is cool, enjoyable, and has good condition to actually “DO” your work, such as cafe. If we go to cafe or any other type of place like that, we could usually see people eating there food and doing there work in there, and that is what I exactly do in Panera every weekends and some weekdays that cashier in there named Evan, who is a senior in STAB always says to me go home every time he sees me. IMG_0974                               <Photo Creds to Cindy Yu and Stephanie Lugus>

If we ask people in the world about the American food culture, most of them would definitely say that every Americans mainly eat burgers and hotdogs for food, as it is one of the Classic American foods, and it is famous all over the world. That could be true, but however, as we know, that is all of the American culture. For breakfast, we usually eat very simply, such as cereals, bagels, or waffle. During lunch we usually eat sandwich, taco, hamburger, or chicken salad, and eat plentifully during dinner, mainly meat. Exactly! In this picture, I ordered BBQ Chicken Sandwich in Panera Bread for lunch, as our American eat for lunch. Sandwich has been placed in our culture deeply. We have been enjoyed it traditionally, and also it is extremely popular in United States, because it is convenient to make it and also well-being and healthy.

 IMG_0984 After finishing my meal with my friend Cindy, she brought some of her volleyball buddies that I did not knew them before. In this situation, since I don`t know them I would be very uncomfortable, but however since I`m ‘American,’ whose familiar to ‘first meeting,’ which means we could easily communicate with the people we first met, it was not uncomfortable at all, but very enjoyable. Also, European, who also supports individualism, praised Americans’ cultural characteristics of the ability to talk friendly to unfamiliar people. Thanks to this culture, although it just have been a minute after we first met, we started to have fun and we even take pictures and videos.

IMG_0978Because of this ‘open to person to person’ culture, it is one of the reason that I feel like I’m blessed to live inside of the American Culture. When I went to  Korea over the last summer, since it is my parents’ home country, I tried and wanted to be social with some Korean friends, because I did not had great relationships with Asian kids in United-States, I had hard time making friends. I looked strange to them by approaching based on my American cultural background that talks easily with first-met people and becoming friendly, because they were totally opposite to us. They separated by community, not each individual like United States, which they were bonded each other in their community very tightly that it was very hard to become friendly with them and had to stay quietly and uncomfortably in that group. I am not saying that kind of culture is not a good culture, since both cultures share advantages and disadvantages. However, I like our culture that we could be social easily, although we met each other first time, and communicate each other with out uncomfortablness.


*Big thanks to Cindy Yu and Stephanie Lugus for taking the picture of me and also thanks to everyone today; Lexi and Maddie also, for making me have fun today with you guys! It was a pleasure meeting you guys today!!


Should America keep revenging toward Iraq or not??

20150827_111523Millions of people in this picture gathered for the anti-war protests about United States invasion of Iraq. When 911 terror occurred, many patriotism and Americans claimed that we have to revenge them thoroughly in order to who how strong and powerful that Great America is. However, people, including who are internationalist like me claimed that we should not invade Middle East region and this is the consequence of America`s wrong foreign policy, which made them angry. In my opinion, I thought that we should apologize about supporting Israel strongly and hold Islam countries back. and by doing this America could be a true greatest country in the world, as one of an American patriot.


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First Day Assignment

One significant quotation from Chapters 1-3 of the Great Gatsby:

“Only Gatsby, the man who gives his name to this book, was exempt from my reaction-Gatsby, who represented everything for which I have an unaffected scorn. If personality is unbroken series of successful gestures, then there was something gorgeous about him, some heightened sensitivity to the promises of life, as if he were related to one of those intricate machines that register earthquakes ten thousand miles away. This responsiveness had nothing to do with that flabby impressionability which is dignified under the name of the “creative temperament”-it was an extraordinary gift for hope, a romantic readiness such as I have never found in any other person and which it is not likely I shall ever find again. No-Gatsby turned out all right at the end.” 

->Description: This quote shows that Nick did not like Gatsby’s life style and luxurious party but after he knew that it was planned for his only one purpose: Daisy, and his idealistic or romantic (I guess…?) living style, he started to differentiate with other characters. Other than that, he sense sensitively the dream that looks impossible to achieve and trying to make his own world, Nick finally thinks Gatsby was all right.

Text-based Discussion Question:  Is the way Gatsby shows his love authentic?